14-year-old suspected in 2 seperate Dallas robberies

Police believe the 14-year old boy who was arrested for trying to sexually assault a store clerk during an armed robbery Tuesday was involved in at least one other recent crime.

After seeing FOX 4's exclusive report on Wednesday, workers at a Dallas Metro PCS recognized the young suspect from the jewelry store crime as the same boy who stole from them.

“When I really saw him and said yeah that's him is when he took the money from the register,” said Metro PCS employee Marisol Lemus.

The store employee shared new surveillance video from inside the Metro PCS store in far east Dallas showing a young teen stealing from the cash register on April 13 and then boldly returning to the same store on April 18. Lemus recognized him and stalled while waiting for police.

“I would have expected him to learn something from it,” said Lemus. “But they took him in that day and an hour later, the boy was back in the store after the police took him.”

Dallas police say the officer took the teenage theft suspect to school from the cell phone store on Monday.

The next day, the teen walked into the Dollar Galore Jewelry shop, pulls out a knife and grabs the clerk, who was alone in the store, by the neck. Police say he tried to sexually assault her and left with cash from the register.

“That's why we are so mad. That's why we had to let y'all know,” said Lemus. “We were like, how did that happen.”

It's an escalation from theft to violence that makes Lemus wonder if anyone saw the warning signs.

“Once I saw that video, that was not a child trying to do that,” said Lemus. “The way he was like attacking the girl is pretty scary for a little child to do something like that.”

Dallas police say the 14-year-old was taken back to school on Monday as a juvenile dealing with theft However, after Tuesday’s violent attack, police he is now in custody.