11-year-old attacked by loose dogs in South Dallas

A young boy was attacked Wednesday in his South Dallas neighborhood near Fair Park.

Charles Young is the most recent victim of a loose dog attack in Dallas, just blocks from his home. The 11-year-old said he was attacked by two pit bull mixes and three Chihuahuas.

"The dogs just started chasing behind me, and it stripped me off my bike. I hit the sidewalk, and I just started rolling,” Charles said. "They started grabbing my shoes and stuff. I just started rolling, and I started punching them. And they started scratching me and biting me and stuff."

Dallas police confirmed they caught one of the dogs that bit Charles. As FOX 4’s James Rose sat in front of Young's house waiting to interview him, he saw a white pit bull with a black patch over his eye across the street.

Local resident Debra Drown said she's been attacked three times in three years in South Dallas. She said the white pit bull was a stray that had tried to bite her before.

Since three neighbors told James Rose the dog with no collar was vicious, he called 311. He was told a supervisor from animal control would respond to the location. After an hour of no-show and small children walking up and down the street past the dog, he called 911. Minutes later, animal control and Dallas police showed up and caught the stray dog.

When Charles and his mother returned home, they learned the dog that was picked up was one of the dogs that attacked him Wednesday evening.

"You can't even walk around here without getting attacked,” said Charles’ mom. “You have to walk in a group. If you walk alone, it's all over with."

An animal consulting group hired by the city of Dallas found there were an estimated 8700 loose dogs in South Dallas alone.

BCG Interim Project Update to Dallas Animal Shelter Commission (8/4/16) by Vicki Chen on Scribd