100-year-old man among those taking part in Cowtown Marathon events

The first day of the Cowtown Marathon went off without a hitch.

The sun was shining down on thousands of runners Saturday.

A stark contrast to what was expected to be a rainy and windy morning.

The multi-event race is in its 41st year and continues to bring the Fort Worth community together, with people of all ages taking part.

Ernest LaCroix decided to celebrate his 100th birthday by walking in the 5k.

He revealed his secret to reaching triple digits.

"Oh, I don't think about age. I guess I just keep going every day like it was yesterday," LaCroix said.

LaCroix was even honored with a proclamation from the city.

The mission of the Cowtown Marathon is to promote a healthy lifestyle starting at a young age.

But the kids don't see it as exercise. They see it as fun.

"Really excited, and this is my first time," one young runner said.

Proceeds from every race entry go toward helping low-income children across North Texas receive a free pair of running shoes.

It's part of the CALF Program - Children's Activities for Life and Fitness.

"You see kids that say, 'I wear a size 6.' Turns out, they need an [size] 8. They've been in the wrong-sized shoe. But they're so excited, it's really fun to see the smiles on their face," said one organizer.

Some are participating to show that health has ups and downs, but it's important to stay strong.

Mike Barker underwent a liver transplant just 7 months ago.

"The day after my transplant, I was up walking in the hospital with my IV pole, trying to walk up and down the hallways. Cause as a runner, you're used to being up and active and feeling good," Barker said.

He is running both the 5k and 10k over the weekend.

He’s wearing a special shirt to spread awareness that organ donation saves lives.

It saved his.

"My granddaughter was born on Valentine’s Day, and I may not have even got to see her or be involved in her life if it wasn't for this organ donation," he added.