1 dead, 1 injured in shooting after parking dispute in Uptown

Dallas police are still searching for the gunman who shot two people, killing a father of three following a parking dispute in Uptown early Sunday morning.

According to police, the fatal shooting happened near the Routh Street and Cedar Springs Road intersection, right after the bars closed.

There was an altercation in the parking lot related to one of the drivers possibly bumping or hitting the other vehicle. That’s when police said the suspect got out a gun and opened fire on the two men inside a Ford sedan.

The driver, 29-year-old Demondre Green, was pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive his gunshot wound.

People in Uptown who spoke to FOX 4 over the weekend said they were disturbed to hear a man was shot to death in his car and his passenger wounded.

"It's just, there's not words for that!  It's just sickening," said Ricardo Winkle, who lives nearby. "I mean, we all, somebody literally lost their life because somebody bumped their car."

"It's definitely concerning. Living in this area, you want to be able to into the restaurants and bars without fear and be able to come and go from your parking lot," said Stephanie Hibbitt. "So it definitely makes you think twice about how safe and secure you are, even if you are doing smart things."

"It definitely makes you question the area and wonder about this area," added Alex Wrech, who also lives in the area. "You typically think of it as a very safe place. It makes you reconsider a little bit, yea."

Police said the shooter fled the scene and remains at large. Investigators gathered evidence, talked to possible witnesses and reviewed surveillance cameras in the area but so far they have not been able to identify the suspect.

Green's family said he was a good man and father of three children. The youngest was just 10 months old.