1 dead, 1 injured in Fort Worth pawn shop shooting

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One person was killed and another was found with multiple gunshot wounds during a shooting at a Fort Worth pawn shop Thursday afternoon.

Police haven't revealed much about what happened. Witnesses say they heard gunshots and then saw a group of men run from the pawn shop and jump into a van.

Fort Worth PD has only confirmed that one person was killed and another person was shot multiple times in the attempted robbery.

Police say they got the call just after 5:30 p.m. and found one man lying dead in the street just outside the pawn shop.

Witnesses say they heard half a dozen shots, saw four men run out of the pawn shop and hop into a getaway van. They say the last guy to get into the van was struggling to make it and was finally shoved back out onto the street and left behind.

Witnesses describe seeing police respond quickly and paramedics taking someone from inside the pawn shop out on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

Police say a lot is unclear at this time.

“Homicide is asking is to contact them if anybody was in the area around this time, saw anything suspicious,” said Fort Worth Sgt. Chris Britt. “We would love to hear from them."                

Police do not have an update from the hospital on the second person's condition.