UT Dallas chess team finishes third in the nation

Texas Tech and Baylor were not the only teams from the state to make a Final Four appearance last week. The chess team at the University of Texas at Dallas finished third in the Final Four of college chess.

The team from UT Dallas beat Harvard in the tournament.

It was the Comets’ 16th appearance in the 19 years the United State Chess Federation’s President Cup tournament has existed.

Players said it’s important to stay fit physically as well as mentally fit.

“Every game takes four to five hours. So it's very important to keep concentrated, to be in good shape. We also do some team sports like basketball after team trainings on Friday. So yes, it's very important for a chess player,” said Kacper Drozdowski.

At UT Dallas, chess is a scholarship sport.

LINK: www.utdallas.edu/chess/