Travis Frederick doing charity work while recovering

Health issues are keeping Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick off the field. But while he’s recovering, he’s still doing his charity work.

Frederick was sidelined earlier this season by a rare and painful genetic condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome. He said he’s working every day to get better and back on the field.

He has no timeline for his recovery but said his charity work is helping him heal.

On Tuesday, he opened Travis’ Pantry at Henrie Elementary School in southeast Dallas. It’s stocked with cereal, canned goods and, most importantly, fresh produce to feed 150 students and their families when school is out.

Fredrick visited with the students. They said they’re thankful for his help and for the chance to meet one of the NFL’s best offensive linemen.

“He’s a great player. He cares a lot about kids and he helps us,” said Kimaya, a fifth grader.

“There’s a lot of people that’s hungry and they don’t get this opportunity. So I’m happy that we do have something at least to eat,” added Sherlen, another fifth grader.

The Henrie Elementary principal said about 94 percent of the students at the school qualify for free and reduced-price lunches.

“They come in and they’ve had a bad morning or something. Usually, it’s because they haven’t had food and they’re hungry or they want something to eat. So we definitely think this is going to be a big bonus for our students,” said Principal Lisa Millsaps.

Fredrick said he is just grateful to be able to assist families who could really use the help right now.