Tarrant County singing deputy will make your day

A Tarrant County deputy has a reputation for his great personality and his singing. It’s not the best singing but it will still make you smile.

Deputy Manzale Dawson has been giving live performances on Facebook every Wednesday since November. He does it while sitting in his car before work.

Deputy Dawson works as a bailiff at the Tarrant County Courthouse. He’s well-known there for his cheerful demeanor and for making people laugh.

Now he’s known for his singing too. He may not always know the tune but he’s built a fan base. He’s attracted the attention of many throughout the country from high-powered attorneys to the inmates he works with on a daily basis.

“Everybody makes fun of me for doing it. Everybody, lieutenant, everybody makes fun of me. But they always watch,” he said smiling.

“I do. I do watch. It’s entertaining and amusing and uplifting,” a prosecutor said.

Deputy Dawson said his performances are a way to boost morale at the courthouse for the attorneys, judges, inmates and, of course, his fellow deputies.

“We were walking through and one of the inmates was like, ‘Oh that’s the guy that sings,’” he said. “If I can change one person’s opinion about a police officer then I succeeded in what I was trying to do.”

The singing deputy has never missed a week, even while on vacation. His latest performance went live earlier today on his Facebook page.