Stars player wears fan's replica sweater during game

A Dallas Stars fan showed his true colors when he took the shirt – or sweater – off his back and gave it to a player.

Levi Patton of Amarillo was at the Stars game in Tulsa this past weekend with his girlfriend, Nicole Auryn. They talked to Good Day FOX 4 about what happened.

Apparently, Stars winger Alexander Radulov’s sweater wasn’t fitting properly. The team sent someone to scour the stands for a fan wearing a replica green No. 47 sweater in Radulov’s size.

“You know, he came out and his jersey was crazy wrinkled. I kind of pointed it out to Nicole during the first period. I was having a conversation with her during the first intermission there and somebody came out from the Stars locker room and asked me what size jersey mine was,” Patton said.

Patton said at first he joked about trading his sweater for the real one. But when the person asked if Radulov could wear it, he didn’t hesitate.

“I was just so excited about the whole situation,” he said.

“I haven’t seen him take his clothes off so fast before,” his girlfriend joked.

After the game, Radulov returned the sweater. It was tattered, sweaty and smelly. It was also autographed.

“It doesn’t smell the most pleasant obviously but I’ll take it,” Patton said. “Ever since he joined the team he’s just become one of my favorite players. He just has a great work ethic. He obviously puts points up. I think he’s just got a great attitude overall.”

Patton said he doubts he’ll ever wear this particular No. 47 jersey again. He'll likely frame it and add it to his collection of hockey memorabilia.