SPCA of Texas offering $20 deal for big dogs looking for homes

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The SPCA of Texas is offering a dog adoption special now that it is officially okay to call these the dog days of summer.

For the next week and a half, all big dogs that weighs more than 40 pounds will be available for adoption for only $20.

The fee, which is typically $60, includes spay and neuter services, microchipping, health insurance and lots of resources and freebies.

SPCA of Texas spokeswoman Maura Davies said a lot of the bigger dogs have a harder time getting adopted. But, they too are full of life and love.

"A lot of people come in for puppies or smaller dogs, and so we just have a lot of big dogs right now. So people want to come in and look for these best buddies," she said. "These are great dogs, loving dogs looking for the perfect home."

Some people are hesitant to bring home a bigger dog because they worry they might be too much to handle. However, the SPCA of Texas has a team of staff and volunteers who work with the dogs on training and behavior and it really helps them become better "doggy citizens."

"We want people to know big dogs are wonderful. Mutts are amazing. These guys are super special and we have dozens," Davies said.

The SPCA of Texas has two locations in North Texas – the Jan Ree-Jones Animal Care Center located at 2400 Lone Star Avenue in Dallas and the Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center located at 8411 Stacy Road in McKinney.

The promotion ends on July 21.