Solar Car Challenge underway at TMS

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Engineers and builders of the future are putting their talent to the test with a solar car challenge at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.

High schools from across the country, including 16 from North Texas, are participating in the annual Solar Car Challenge.

The student teams must design, build and finance their own solar cars. The vehicles are raced around the track and the team with the best time after six hours is the winner.

Organizers said teamwork is the key to getting the checkered flag.

“They call this the brain sport. It’s brain over brawn. It’s hot. It hard work. But the winners are the ones that know their car really well. They know each other really well. The teamwork goes a long way both within the team and with other teams,” said Michael Foree, a spokesman for Solar Car Challenge.

Racers often go on to study STEM courses in college based on their experience in the Solar Car Challenge event.