Smokin Delta Dog

Chef Patrick Stark is raising money with his Mohawk Militia Charity to purchase land in Dallas to build greenhouses for veterans to work in. He visits Good Day to make a gourmet hot dog with smoked peach, watermelon, pico, bacon, feta cheese and chipotle BBQ mayo.

Smokin Delta Dog 

Hot Dog Bun or Baguette Bread, Oiled or Buttered, Grilled or Toasted    2 each
Rudolphs Foot Long Hot Dog, Grilled    2 each
Smoked Peach & Watermelon Pico (recipe below)    1 cup
Smoked Bacon, cooked, crisp    4 pc
Brazos Valley Feta    1/4 cup
Chipotle BBQ Mayo (recipe below)    2-4 oz

Ingredients to Grow at Home:     
tomatoes, onions/chives, basil, jalepenos, garlic, watermelon, peaches.    
Gather all your equipment, ingredients, and plates. Turn on your Grill to get hot and your oven if cooking bacon in oven. Make Pico and reserve. Make Chipotle-BBQ Sauce and reserve. Crisp bacon in saute pan or bake in oven till crispy. Toast or Grill Bread. Grill Hot Dog.    

Assemble by placing hot dog in bun. Place a piece of bacon on each side of hot dog. Drizzle BBQ sauce over hot dog. Top with peach pico and then Feta. Cover with plastic wrap and cold smoke.    

Watermelon Pico

Sm-Med. Diced seedless watermelon    1 1/4c
Sm-Med. Diced peaches, ripe    1/2 c
Jalapeño, seeded and minced    1/2 ea
Diced Red Onion/Chives    1/8 c
Chopped Basil    2 Tbsp
Lime, juiced    1 ea
Salt, or more to taste    1/4 tsp

In a large bowl, combine watermelon, peaches, jalapeño, onion/chive, basil, lime juice and salt,to taste.    

Season to taste. Wrap, label, date. Store where it belongs.    

Chipotle BBQ Cream Sauce

Chipotle Powder    1 Tbsp
Garlic Powder    2 tsp
Sour Cream    3/4 cup
BBQ Sauce, your fav    1/4 cup
Mayo    1/2 cup
Lime juice    1/6 cup
Salt    1/2 tsp/TT

In a large mixing bowl combine and whisk tilll incorporated. Season salt to taste. Place into a squirt bottle & zip lock bag with the tip cut and reserve.