Shell Shack grilled shrimp




2.5 lbs of shrimp

½ oz lemon pepper spice

½ oz cajun spice or chili pepper

2.5 cups of melted butter

1 oz fresh chopped garlic


Prep procedure:  (10 minutes after shrimp are prepped)

Cut a 2" slice down back of shrimp with shell on. We have a machine that performs this task in our locations.  Then pull the shrimp open to butterfly.  Proceed to wash & devein.  Set shrimp aside in stainless bowl.

Mix lemon pepper spice, cajun or chili pepper & chopped

Garlic in bowl.  Then add shrimp.

Evenly coat & massage the spices into the shrimp. 

Once well coated add the 2.5 cups of butter and massage the shrimp, butter & spice mix.

Let marinade for 24 to 48 hrs

Grill @ 350 with shell down for 3 minutes then turn over cook for 3 minutes.


Serve on a plate, tails up.

Makes a great appetizer with a glass of wine or add a side salad for a lite summer meal.