Scarborough Renaissance Festival kicks off 39th year

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Prepare ye for a feast of the belly and the eyes! The Scarborough Renaissance Festival is back.

The 39th annual festival opens this weekend in Waxahachie. New shows feature jugglers, acrobats, comedians, authentic music, escape artists, a fairy court, Renaissance combat competitions and even a dragon slayer.

The recreated 16th-century village also offers exquisite, one-of-a-kind treasures at more than 200 shops, as well as artisan demonstrations.

In the Phoenix Forge, visitors will find all kinds of metal objects like knives, cutlery, home decor and jewelry all created using techniques that have been around for the past 500 years.

"We make blades. We can make anything that you can think of out of steel, silver, copper, bronze. We do jewelry work," said Alan Bedgood in the Phoenix Forge.

This year’s festival runs on Saturdays and Sundays through Memorial Day. It will be open all three days of the holiday weekend.