Researchers talk about the discovery of a new human ancestor

The researchers who recently discovered a new species of human ancestor is for the first time speaking about the major discovery.

Paleoanthropologist and National Geographic explorer Lee Berger found Homo Naledi in South Africa.

The burial ground was in a deep cave that was only about 7 inches wide in some areas. Fortunately a team of five women including Marina Elliott were able to squeeze in.

Homo Naledi stood about 5 feet tall and weighed almost 100 pounds. It shoulders similar to apes, but hands and feet that were very human-like.

The discovery is shaking scientists’ understanding of the progression of human evolution and even has some questioning their identity. It is believed that this creature buried its dead, which up until now was thought to be just a human trait.

Berger and Elliott will talk more about the discovery to a sold out crowd Tuesday night at the Perot Museum.