Pumpkin Cappellacci

Chef Francesco Shintu from Taverna stops by Good Day to make a pumpkin pasta for National Pasta Day. It will be on the menu for a limited time through Nov. 25.

Pumpkin Cappellacci

Cappellacci  - makes 40 pieces each
Tomato Fondue  13.40 Oz.
Butter 5.30 Oz.
Parmigiano  Grated  3 Oz.
Sage # 8 leaves
Sea salt Coarse 1.12 Oz.

Tortelli Filling:
Acorn Squash 8.50 Oz
Ricotta cheese 6 Oz.
Amaretti Crumble 3.2
Whole Eggs 2 Oz.
Parmigiano Grated  3.5 Oz.
Amaretto liquor 0.28 Oz.
Butter 1.80 Oz.
Marjorams Leaves 0.07 Oz.
Salt 0.30 Oz
Nut meg 0.04 Oz.

Tomato Fondue:
Fresh Tomatoes vine ripe  17 Oz.
Olive Oil 2 Oz.
Chopped Shallots 2.5 Oz
Garlic Clove 0.45
Fresh Basil 6/8 leaves each
Black Pepper 1/4 teaspoon
Salt 0.17

Pasta Dough:
Flour "00' 8.50 oZ.
Durum Fluor 3.50 Oz.
Eggs Yolks 9.40 Oz.
Extra Virgin Oil  0.64 Oz.
Sale Gr. 10

Boil water first. Filling & dough are pre-made. Start making sheets for Cappellaci. Place filling in the sheets and close (makes about 6 pieces). Warm tomato fondue and butter/sage sauce. Drop pasta (3 min usually- shorter here). Drop into butter & sage sauce. Plate fondue, then pasta, finish with garnish.

LINK: www.tavernabylombardi.com