Program offering stress relief for students

Schools across Texas, including in the Dallas and Duncanville school districts, are adding yoga classes into their curriculum and after-school programs.

Children in the underserved communities were selected to meet a few times a week at Kipp Oak Cliff Academy as part of the program.

Through mindful movement, the students are able to learn skills to help deal with stress.

Organizers said there’s been more than a 70% decrease in overall classroom disruption among the yoga participants.

“I think it’s really relaxing because sometimes you might be bored or someone might get on your nerves. But like, if you start off the day on a good vibe you know you finish the day with a good vibe,” said Kristeashah Pitta, an eighth-grade student.

“It just helped me begin to tap into myself and change my mind. And if I change my mind I can change the world around me. So important for me and important for everyone. Everybody needs the ability to self-heal themselves,” said Ebony Smith, their wellness coach and yoga instructor.

The program recently won a $50,000 Pegasus Prize grant, which will allow more training and certifying of teachers.