Swim into brand new territory with a very unique sports bar -- Shark Club. Chef Kyle Muhlbach visited Good Day talk about the restaurant that's been in Canada and the UK and has now opened in Plano.


10 oz Fries, baked or deep fried
4 fl oz of your favorite gravy 
Pinch salt and pepper 
4oz Cheese curd (Most important ingredient)
2oz Mozzarella cheese 
2T Green onion sliced 1/8’

Deep fry or bake your fries until crispy, this will stop them from getting soggy from the gravy.

Make your most favorite gravy, thicker is better as it will stick to the fries.

Season the fries with salt and pepper.

In a pan heat up the gravy, once hot add your cheese curds to start to soften.

Stack up your fries in a dish and spread the mozzarella cheese over the top.

Pour the gravy and cheese curds all over the fries. 

Garnish with the chopped green onion for extra flavour and presentation at the end. 

LINK: www.sharkclub.com