Pinata Cake

The Society Bakery is whipping up a special Valentine's Day treat. Roshi Muns stops by Good Day to make a pinata cake that can hide candy, fruit or private messages inside.

Pinata Cake

Pick your favorite flavor cake and complimentary filling.

Bake cake according to instructions.

Wash and cut the stems off of approximately 2 cups of fresh strawberries.  Pat them dry after washing.   [if using strawberries].

Once the cakes reach room temperature after baking, place in the freezer for about 30 minutes to make it easier to ice and cut out the center.

Take a round cookie cutter or cut with a knife and cut only two out of the four layers of cake or three out of the four layers. Leave the top layer in tact.

Ice bottom layer and stack additional layers on top leaving top layer set aside.

Pour the filling (or candy) inside the hole.

Cover with the top layer of cake and ice as normal.  

Decorate the top with some of the sweets or fruits you used as filling for a finishing touch.