Oncor offering customers free shade trees

Get free trees and lower power bills with a special offer from Oncor.

Oncor is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to give away 7,500 free trees to people living in its service area. The tree program helps promote energy conservation and environmental stewardship, the company said.

Customers can go to www.ArborDay.org/Oncor to reserve up to two trees per household. An online tool then helps to find the best location for planting and helps estimate the annual savings because of the shade.

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello talked to Oncor spokesman Kris Spears about the program choosing process.

“This is a highly interactive website. You can actually put a white box around your home and then scroll over six different species and use the cursor to move around your property. It estimates the amount of savings that you can have with that species in that location,” he said.

The program will continue until all 7,500 trees are reserved. The trees, which are between 2 and 4 feet tall, will be delivered directly to customers in the fall along with planting instructions.

LINK: www.ArborDay.org/Oncor