North Texas quints graduating from UNT together

One North Texas family has five children graduating college this year. The Diaz quintuplets -- Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John -- are all earning their degrees from the University of North Texas.

The quints graduated from Keller High School and said it was never really a question about whether or not they’d go to college together.

“I don’t think we ever really planned on going to different colleges just like because we’ve always been together. UNT did make it easier for us to go to university together,” Enna said.

But they all have different majors and goals in life.

“We are individuals,” John said.

Maria studies art and design and will minor in advertising. Enna’s goal is to be a physician. Emilio wants to one day have his own radio show. George already has a job working with taxes and John wants to get into international business.

Unlike most college students, they sort of had a built-in support system. It was also never hard for them to find a roommate

“We’ve always clicked and that was like a plus for us. So when we got to college it was like, ‘Oh we can hang out and stuff,’” John said.

There is still the normal sibling bickering but the Diaz quints said they really do have a close relationship. Major fights don’t happen very often.

Their parents are pretty proud excited about their upcoming graduation day.

“It’s not every day that you have one kid graduate from college let alone five,” George said.