North Texas Girl Scouts officially launch cookie season

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It's the start of a very tasty season.

The Girl Scouts began officially selling their delectable cookies on Friday.

The Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains kicked off the cookie season at the Fort Worth Zoo with Cookie Now, a two-day event where thousands of girls and their parents picked up a starter pack of cookies to get their business going.

A box of cookies cost $4 to $5 each. By selling cookies, girls develop essential life skills and 100 percent of net revenue stays within your local council.

“I learn how to talk to people and I learn how you speak to people really affects your sale,” said Girl Scout Brenna Kaplan. “And how when you sell cookies, how you grow as a person and an entrepreneur and as a young woman in the business.”

About 200 million boxes of cookies are sold each year nationwide. They generate around $800 million for the Girl Scout organization.