North Texas academy now teaching cannabis science

With attitudes about marijuana changing, even in Texas, some people are going into the classroom to learn the science of pot. The DFW Academy of Cannabis Science is signing up students even though the legalization of marijuana is not in the cards any time soon in Texas.

State Rep. Stephanie Klick of Fort Worth pushed to get the Compassionate Use Act passed by the Texas legislature. It allows certain epilepsy patients to take medical marijuana oil.

She said it’s made a huge difference for the family of one patient.

“She was having 30 to 40 seizures a day. She’s now having one to two seizures a month,” St. Rep. Klick said.

In Dallas and Tarrant Counties only six neurologists can prescribe medical marijuana oil. Statewide, only three businesses are licensed to cultivate and dispense the low-dose THC marijuana.

“There’s a lot of mystery surrounding cannabis. The people want to know about it, want to be in the industry. But there aren’t many educational opportunities for people,” said Holly Law, the co-owner of DFW Academy of Cannabis Science.”

Law saw an opportunity and started the cannabis academy. Students can learn anything and everything they’ve ever wanted to know about marijuana.

“It’s all about science. The focus is on therapeutic and medicinal benefits of this incredible plant,” she said.

Students learn about the cultivation, dispensing and oil extraction of the cannabis plant. The class is also aimed at clearing the air about medicinal marijuana.

“Cannabis is a family of plants. It includes hemp and marijuana. They are very similar but not the same. Like sisters but not twins,” Law said.

The component THC comes from marijuana. It’s the ingredient that gives people a high. Meanwhile, CBD is extracted from hemp. It reportedly has other medical benefits with no high.

That’s why all sorts of CBD oil products can be found legally on the market today.

“They can see real life action. They can see us manufacture real products,” said Ricardo Delfierro, the chief science officer at DFW Academy of Cannabis Science.

Part of the course takes students on a tour of a North Texas lab where CBD products are made. Graduates can then work in states where marijuana is legal.

“There are 29 states that have legalized marijuana usage in some form. And these employers are looking for skilled and knowledgeable workers,” Law said.

Graduates can also wait for state lawmakers to expand marijuana laws. But they shouldn’t hold their breath considering it took this long to get to this point.

“What I would like to see Texas do is lead on the research efforts. I think there are other conditions that would benefit from this medicine,” St. Rep. Klick said.

Classes at the DFW Academy of Cannabis Science begin Saturday. There’s also a course for doctors who want to prescribe medical marijuana.