New El Diablo ride opens at Six Flags Over Texas

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Six Flags Over Texas has a new thrill ride that’s supposed to be so terrifying it’s called El Diablo.

El Diablo is the park’s 14th roller coaster. It a 100-foot-tall loop that sends riders back and forth and upside down six times.

Good Day’s Hanna Battah got the chance to test the ride Tuesday morning with her photographer, a few FOX 4 interns and park spokeswoman Sharon Parker.

“We’re going to get just a little bit to get us going and then we just immediately take off and start enjoying the view. We’ll make a full rotation in 6.66 seconds,” Sharon said.

“The best part of a roller coaster is always when you get to that loop at the very end. That’s all this is,” Hanna said.

“That’s it. So you get the most exciting part the entire time,” Sharon agreed.

The fiery red coaster also leaves riders hanging at the top for a while. It’s enough time for people to get a fantastic and unique view of Six Flags.

El Diablo officially opens Tuesday afternoon in the Spain section of the park.