Monkey King Soup Dumplings

Chef Andrew Chen makes soup dumplings for Good Day. He's known for using fresh ingredients with his grandmother's techniques at Monkey Noodle Co. The restaurant serves "Hipster Chinese" street food at Legacy Hall in Plano. 

Monkey King Soup Dumplings 

1 part high gluten flour
1 part all-purpose flour
hot water

Mix together to form the dough, wrap it and let it rest for at least an hour

lean ground pork 
chicken broth
sesame oil
(chicken broth and seafood broth that's been mixed with gelatin to form the "soup" of the soup dumpling)

Mix the ground pork, scallions, sesame oil together in a mixer and gradually pour in the chicken broth (it adds some extra juiciness to the dumplings). 

Mash up the gelatinized chicken/seafood broth and fold it into the pork mix

The dough is cut into strips, rolled, and cut into segments (about the shape and size of small marshmallows).

Using what looks like a tiny rolling pin we flatten the dough into dumpling wrappers. 

Each wrapper gets a small spoonful of filling and fold into dumplings.