Local students talk about 'Me Too' movement in film

A local filmmaker enlisted the help of North Mesquite High School students to complete her film about the “Me Too” movement.

The film is called “Shatter the Silence.”

North Mesquite teacher Shannon Howard and her students created a website called Sexual Awareness for Teens and a blog called Hurt Voices.

The idea is that sometimes teens often listen more to their peers. They figured the website would be a good place for teens to go for information.

It all started as a creative project in the classroom.

“It’s AP English. They’re supposed to learn reasoning skills, writing essays and research projects. So we just wanted to make it real and let them pick their topics that they cared about which made it be more than I could have ever imagined,” Howard said. “They had a chance to speak to their own heart and find their passion about what they would like to do to change the world.”

“Shatter the Silence” will be shown Sunday night at the USA Film Festival happening at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas.