Group asks public to weigh in on Fair Park's future

In about six weeks, the State Fair of Texas will bring big crowds to Fair Park in Dallas. But a new non-profit organization hopes to turn the park into a year-round destination.

Fair Park First is taking over operations at the 277-acre park. It's also making a master plan and considering ways to make Fair Park attractive throughout the year such as with more green space, a public park, new events or new attractions.

"What we look to do is increase the revenue through increased activities and events, as well as attract new residents to the park and new activities. In some of the buildings that you're talking about that are unoccupied now, we've got six or seven institutions that are interested in coming back. So that'll start to bring more activity, more life to the park. That'll allow us to do some things like upkeep and maintenance," said Darren James, the president of Fair Park First.

The first in a series of meetings will explore the future of Fair Park. It'll be held Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Women's Museum.