Girl Scout cookies go on sale this Friday

Beginning Friday, you can buy and chow down on some Girl Scout cookies.

Thousands of North Texas Girl Scouts already have packages on hand. Over the next few days, about 3,000 scouts will stop by the Fort Worth Zoo to pick up 12 cases each.

The girls are kick-starting their sales early. Some will begin setting up outside grocery stores Friday night.

Buying the sweet treats benefit both your appetite and the young entrepreneurs.

“The girls learn how to budget, how to set goals, how to set a goal of what they want and how to get there and the self-confidence of the girl being able to address somebody, a stranger, and say ‘Would you like to buy girl scout cookies?’” explained Becky Burton with the Girl Scouts of Texas-Oklahoma Plains.

Burton says the yearly cookie sale also builds up the girls' self-confidence and manners. 

And yes, they do take credit cards or you can order online this year.