Brisket Sandwich for Charity

16 Fresh Brioche Rolls
1 10lb Brisket
Red onion
Dill Pickle
1 stick Butter
8ozs Course Ground Kosher Salt 
8ozs Course Ground Black Pepper
Spicy BBQ Sauce

Smoking the Brisket:

Ok, first things first. Let get the meat smoking. Go ahead and light up your favorite cooking wood on your smoker. Build a base of coals by burning down several logs before putting meat on your smoker. This will give you a more stable cooking temperature as you begin to add smoking wood once the meat is on.

Now, let’s go ahead and unwrap that, what will soon to be a big hunk of black awesomeness, and get to trimming. It is our viewpoint here at One90 that brisket is best when it has no more than ½ inch of fat on top. Therefore, we trim off the excess, slice of the hard chunk of deckle fat off the bottom and remove the large pocket of fat on the side of the brisket (between the point and the flat).

Once trimmed, liberally, but evenly, coat the brisket on all sides with the salt. Then, do the same with the course ground pepper. We suggest you do the bottom first and the top last. You do not want to lose the pepper off the top, as this will become your “bark” (black outer crust of the brisket).

Set the brisket aside until you satisfied with your coal base, and your smoker has leveled out at 225 F. Place the brisket on the smoker. Replenish wood as needed to maintain a steady stream of smoke, and adjust airflow as needed to maintain a constant temperature of 225-250 F for 6 hours.

After 6 hours, wrap the brisket in foil (make sure that the brisket is completely wrapped and sealed in foil), and return to the smoker until done. Your brisket is done when the probe on your thermometer easily slides through the meat.

(TIP: If you are tired of “babying” the smoker, instead of place in the brisket back on the smoker, you can place the brisket in a foil pan and place in the oven at 225 F, your guests will not know the difference!). Once done, set the brisket aside for a couple of hours to cool. (6-12 Hours).

Building the Sandwich:

Slice the red onion and dill pickle in to sandwich slices.

Slice the brioche roll in half, and butter both sides. Toast in a skillet, and set aside.

Slice the brisket 1/2 inch thick, and place on the bottom bun.

Pour on the desired amount of bbq sauce.

Top with pickles and onions, and top bun.

Serve immediately, and enjoy!

Yield: 16 
Prep Time: 12 hour
Cook Time: 12 hours