Big Fun Super Sundae

You can celebrate New Year's Eve all day long at one of Main Event's six DFW locations. Mark Boyton stopped by Good Day to show off a new menu item that's good for sharing with up to four people.

Big Fun Super Sundae

Plateware Needed: Oversized schooner glass or bowl, four (4) 8” wooden skewers, a long-handled spoon for each person

Six (6) donut holes
Two (2) each sour rainbow candy
Four (4) scoops of your favorite gelato or ice cream, various flavors
Two (2) ounces of chocolate sauce
One (1) each chocolate chip cookie cut into halves
One (1) each chocolate brownie cut into 1” pieces
One (1) Tbsp Oreo cookie crumbles
One (1) ounce of rainbow sprinkles
Two (2) ounces of whipped cream 

Cinnamon Sugar:
Two (2) Tbsp of Granulated Sugar
One (1) Teaspoon of Cinnamon

Mix together cinnamon and sugar in a medium-sized bowl and set aside. Fry donut holes at 350°F, shake off excess oil and toss in cinnamon sugar. Place donut holes onto two (2) of the wooden skewers (three (3) donut holes on each) with sharp point facing downwards and set aside. 

Thread each rainbow candy with remaining wooden skewers with sharp point facing downwards and set aside. 

Place three (3) scoops of gelato or ice cream in bottom of bowl with last scoop on top to form a pyramid. Place cookie halves on each side of the scoops and sprinkle brownie pieces evenly and then drizzle with chocolate sauce over all ingredients. Place donut hole skewers and rainbow candy skewers evenly over sundae.  Shake whipped cream can before using. Turn can upside down and spray whipped cream in a circular motion to create a pile. Sprinkle generously with rainbow sprinkles and Oreo cookie crumbles. Serve with long-handled spoons.