Steve Noviello's favorite products for 2020

Each year we come across hundreds of products but only four are names or favorite.


We first saw this item at CES and now can't live without it. This ultra-slim 3.9mm borescope is great for inspecting firearms but we love it for home projects.  That COVID Honey-Do list was a breeze as we peaked down drains, looked inside walls and saw into tight spots.  Wireless, lighted and even lets you record what you see.

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Hachi Infinite M1

Turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen.  The Hachi Infinite M1 is totally portable and has a rechargeable battery. Think of the applications: education, A-I health, game playing, screen sharing, surfing the internet. Or turn it on its side and it’s an ultra-short throw DLP HD display of up to 120 inches.  That’s huge!!!!!  Includes audio and is powered by android OS9 and built-in custom UI.

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Twinkly Lights

Twinkly is the revolutionary LED Light String bringing the most advanced technology to your home decorations. Twinkly combines 600 bright, colorful RGB LEDs, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth controller and a state-of-the-art smartphone application, ready to perform amazing animations easily and quickly. Twinkly offers a wide variety of stunning effects, ready to be played and customized, and full access to the online gallery, where new animations are always available for download.  Pre-lit trees, string lights- set it to music and have the happiest holiday ever!

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VitaMix Food Cycler

Take composting to a whole new level.  This compact food recycler is a perfect fit. All you need is one cubic foot of space and a power outlet to get started. It’s that easy. The carbon filter lid eliminates odors, so you can keep the removable waste bucket under your sink or on your countertop and conveniently fill it with food scraps after every meal.  Fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, and more — the FoodCycler transforms food scraps into fertilizer and reduces your family’s food waste to instantly usable compost.

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