Waiting on That Weekend Front!

It's not a SIZZLE, but it's certainly a SIMMER as we finish SUMMER!

Once again, high humidity plus higher temperatures will mean uncomfortable conditions here in North Texas. Some low clouds will mix will higher ones (blowing off from Newton in Mexico) this AM, and then thin out PM as high pressure builds in. Temps area wide today through Friday will be in the low to mid 90s, with a HEAT INDEX near 100 each day.

Fortunately, we still have our Saturday cold front on the way. Some showers and a few storms are possible (coverage 30-40%). With extra clouds, we'll be able to keep temps in the upper 80s as well.

The front will stall to our south Sunday. Partly sunny skies and just a low shower chance (south) that day as we head into the upper 80s as well.

Next week finds the ridge building back in....at least to start. That means highs back above 90s Monday & Tuesday for sure. It WAS looking like another cold front would knock us back into the 80s mid-week...but even that may have a tough time making it here. Then again, FALL doesn't start until the 22nd, so it's still summer!