Storms Again For Some...Heat & Humidity for ALL!

In baseball terms...Mother Nature throws a curve ball before throwing the HEAT!

A complex of storms has raced out of the Panhandle out ahead of the ridge of high pressure that we expect to build in. That will allow it to survive at least this AM and impact areas from DFW north before weakening. The boundary it leaves could also kick off a scattered storm this afternoon. Highs should still reach the lower 90s with high humidity.

The "ridge" builds in tonight, so we turn up the heat tomorrow into the mid 90s with Heat Index well over 100. Hottest days are still late week. Certainly upper 90s with some spots touching 100, but the humidity will make it feel closer to 110. That's getting up there!

By Friday night and into the weekend, a weak cold front will still nose in from Oklahoma, so we have to keep at least LOW storm chances in the forecast...and we should at least get back closer to normal (low 90s) by Sunday or Monday.