Several tornadoes reported across North Texas Wednesday afternoon

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Reported tornado in Kemp near Cedar Creek Country Club (Photo: Brandon Smith)

Storms brought severe weather to North Texas Wednesday afternoon, including at least half a dozen reported tornadoes.

Canton took most of the heaviest of the damage Wednesday just ahead of First Monday Trade Days. Fortunately, there were no reports of serious injuries.

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There were several confirmed tornadoes across the area, but it will be up to the National Weather Service to survey the damage.

The Cedar Creek Country Club area in Kemp took a direct hit from a reported tornado.

Kaufman County emergency officials estimate about 25 homes were damaged in the storm, and at least four of them were completely destroyed. One person received minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

The National Weather Service says there was a radar confirmed tornado just northwest of Denton, approaching I-35 and Ganzer Road West at 1:30 p.m.

Tornado sirens rang through Rockwall around 3 p.m. where a rope tornado was spotted above several homes in one neighborhood. The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for the city, forcing students and teachers in the school district to shelter in place multiple times today.  There were no reports of major damage or injuries in the city.

In Tarrant County, there was damage to rooftops, fences, and some windows, as the severe weather caused people to shelter in place until the storm passed.

There were reports of marble-sized hail as the storm moved into Tarrant County just after 1 p.m.

A storm spotter reported damage to power poles and overturned tractor-trailer in Saginaw after severe weather moved through at 1:45 p.m.

Several homes near I-35W and Heritage Trace took a real beating in a matter of a couple of minutes. Some homeowners described it as a terrifying few moments.

Most say they were sheltering in place inside their homes when a freight train sounding noise, along with howling high winds, seemed to wreak havoc outside.

Afterward, a look outside revealed the extent of the damage. Luckily, there were no reported injuries after the storms went through Tarrant County.

Right away, neighbors began helping each other remove debris and cover affected areas. The fire department brought tarps and other materials to help with clean up.

The severe weather also caused havoc for area airports. Combined, DFW Airport and Dallas Love Field have canceled more than 700 flights.

The severe weather threat is over Thursday. However, there may be a few lingering showers throughout the morning. The NWS will survey the damage on Thursday.