Rain Goes Away...But Will Return!

A little break between systems...before rain returns!

Rain in our eastern counties will slowly exit this AM. Cloudy skies will linger many areas until PM hours, before we see some sunny breaks to push us into the low 70s.

With light winds tonight, low clouds and FOG may return Friday AM. Those should break earlier and allow for a mild finish to the week in the upper 70s.

Gulf breezes increase Saturday with mostly cloudy skies and some brief passing showers. Nothing heavy. Highs in 70s.

A much stronger disturbance heads in Sunday with widespread showers and storms esp. later in the day...and heaviest from DFW west. A few may be severe, although that could depend on heating. More important, is that heavier rain is possible into Sunday night before it exits Monday AM.

At this point, early next week depends on smaller features that are not discernible right now. It still looks as if the atmosphere quiets down later Monday...but may again produce showers/storms Tuesday, before drying out mid-week. Stay tuned