Most of North Texas avoids damaging hail

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We all got rain and wind but only a few people in our area saw what many people feared – damaging hail.

FOX 4 viewers submitted video of hail falling overnight in Gainesville, about 60 miles north of the Metroplex.

The rest of us got lucky this time.

Although, Meteorologist Evan Andrews said he’s never heard so many complain because their homes and cars weren’t damaged. He apologized for that.

“Honestly, the storms we did expect was the squall line overnight that did come through and now it is moving off to the east of us,” he said.

Evan said the hail around 6 p.m. Wednesday evening stayed northwest of the Metroplex in Montague, Wise and Cooke counties. The largest hail reported was about the size of an egg.

Going forward, Evan said you can look forward to a nicer weekend after today.

The main batch of rain and storms are gone but a strong cold front will move through later this morning. There will be a break in the showers early and then they pick up again late morning through early evening.

The temperature today will stay down until the sun returns mid to late afternoon. Highs may end up only in the 60s in many areas.

One last disturbance this evening may bring a spotty shower and then we stay breezy and cool overnight. Temps drop into the 40s in many areas by morning.

Friday should be nice in the 70s with sunshine but still windy. The last of the cool air lingers early Saturday, then modifies as a south breeze develops in the afternoon. Temps should cross into the low 80s with sun and some high clouds.

Gusty winds and some extra clouds and humidity are in the cards for Easter Sunday. The day will be warm in the low 80s.