More storms to dot the skies this week!

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Mother Nature's Fireworks! Not your "typical" start to July!

As we discussed, the flow pattern with storms in Oklahoma continues to impact the weather for "some" here in NTX.

This morning, a complex is hitting NE counties (Paris) but will exit shortly after sunrise. That will leave us with HOT, humid conditions. Highs in the mid to upper 90s and the Heat Index near or over 105 this afternoon.

Another complex will form tonight in Oklahoma and head SE, although it may only brush areas north of the Metroplex in the morning. As it weakens, we'll heat into the mid 90s and the boundary it leaves may create a new storm or two in the afternoon (20%) on the 4th.

They would likely die off by sunset for fireworks.

A third and stronger complex looks to dive down Wednesday morning. That may be a higher coverage event with some strong storms (wind). That day will have lower temps as well from cloud cover.

After one last low chance for a storm Thursday, we'll heat back up by late week into the weekend (upper 90s) however a weak front may pivot in from the northeast on Sunday, with a renewed chance for a shower or storm!