Dallas weather: Dust from West Texas makes for hazy morning

People across North Texas woke up to orange-ish, hazy skies on Monday morning thanks to dust being blown in from West Texas.

West Texas saw 80 mile per hour winds on Sunday, which led to frightening-looking dust storms.

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West Texas dust storm Feb. 26, 2023 (Courtesy: Twitter/lahwx)

FOX 4 viewer Jim Basick took photos of the dust on a flight from Phoenix to Dallas.

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(Courtesy: Jim Basick)

The leftovers of those storms moved into North Texas.

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In addition to the orange look to the sunrise, the dust also has a distinct funky smell.

Anyone who parked outside overnight is likely seeing some spots.

The rain we saw last night, along with the dust muddied up a lot of freshly-washed cars.

Things had mostly cleared up by late morning Monday and conditions should improve throughout the day.