Texas To-Do List: Truck Yard

If you're looking for a place to hang out with your friends, your family and your pets with live music, drinks and food trucks, we have a really cool place for you to check out.

The Truck Yard in The Colony is a throwback to a different age of hangouts.

"I wanted to create Truck Yard from the old dance halls," said Jason Boso, the founder and chef at The Truck Yard.  "These places that have been around 70 and 80 years. Everybody felt comfortable at them. You saw families there. Everybody just seemed to get along so pleasantly, and I’m like ‘I’ve got to create something like that!’"

The adult playground has free live music every day, multiple bars, tons of food options, poker rooms karaoke rooms, a large selection of yard games and even a brewery.

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"We have a sour house brewery.  In one of our tanks right now, we have a sour that’s cooking, and it just came from flowers that grew in our yard," said Boso.


You don't have to worry about losing your seat or standing in long lines because you can order a drink directly from your phone.

"On every table is a QR code, so you don’t even have to get up to get a drink. You just have to get up to pee. Please don’t pee in our seats," advised Boso.

There is a museum for that, well, sort of.

This specific location is the home of the Toilet Seat Museum.


Texas To-Do List: Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum

The museum features more than 1,300 toilet seats from artist Barney Smith's collection and is growing with the help of new artists.

While beer may be made here, all are welcomed, regardless of age.

"This is a family place. This is for all ages. We have a statistic that 10% of our guests are 10 years old or younger, and 20% of our guests are 55 years old or older. So, I always love to see grandma’s 90th birthday happening right next to a 21-year-old’s birthday, and like, how does that go together? But, it does," said Boso.

Even your four-legged family members are welcomed.

"Oh, we are very huge on dogs. PLEASE bring your dogs here. I must pet every dog I see," Boso joked.

Don't let the heat or rain ruin your plans, because you can hide from both inside.

"We do have air-conditioned space. It’s not nearly as big as our yard, so if it starts raining, you’d better run fast to get that space," Boso said.

As you enter the Truck Yard, make sure to check out their clever quotes featured each week on the marquee.

"Every week we have a brainstorm session, and everybody comes with something they found on the internet, and we just have a little fun picking out our favorites," said Boso.

This is not the only Truck Yard location, but Jason says that no two Truck Yards are alike.

His suggestion: tour each one to find your favorite.

"We have four Truck Yard locations, and then we have a brewery in the Stockyards called ‘Second Rodeo Brewery’, because it’s sure as hell ain’t my first," Boso said. "We are expanding! We’re going to Oklahoma next year. Every single location is completely different than the other location. If you go to one, you haven’t seen nothing yet."

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