Texas To-Do List: Meow Wolf

"Family-friendly, psychedelic art playground" is probably the best way to describe Meow Wolf at Grapevine Mills, but honestly, there are no words that could truly define what this place is.

You need to come see it for yourself.

"Meow Wolf is an immersive storytelling art exhibit. We really want this to be a space of creativity and discovery, blending art and storytelling into some magical creative worlds," said Will Heron, artist liaison for the Meow Wolf Grapevine Project.

You may see some similar features between this exhibit and at other Meow Wolf locations, but they are not the same.

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"This is called ‘The Real Unreal.’ And this is our second permanent exhibit that starts in a familiar place of a house. So, we have ‘The House of Eternal Return’ back in Santa Fe. This is not the same house. Although there are many deja vu moments that tie these two house stories together," said Heron.

The 18,000 square foot exhibit is full of twists and turns, hidden gems and secret portals to other dimensions. 

When you are exploring, just keep in mind that at Meow Wold things aren't always as they seem.

"We don’t like to follow all the rules of museums or art galleries," said Heron. "We really want this to be a space that is exploratory. Crawl through everything. Look through everything. Open every door. Explore every little nook and cranny you can, because that’s going to give you the fullest experience."

If you are wondering how to properly tour the exhibit know that there is no singular walkable path.

"I think that is part of the magic that is Meow Wolf," noted Heron.


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Meow Wolf is adamant on using local artists for each of their locations.

"This is very representative of Texas. So, I’m an artist based in Dallas, and here in this exhibit, we have representation from a ton of DFW’s. So, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton. We really wanted it to feel like the Texas version of what Meow Wolf is," said Heron.

This isn't the only location they plan to open in Texas either.

"Houston, Texas will be in 2024. So, we’re lucky enough to get two Texas exhibits in the next couple of years," said Heron.

The only way to attend the exhibit is through reservations. The location has gone out of their way to make sure everyone can experience the magic.


"I would say the typical age group would be like a one-year-old, up to like a 101-year-old. But it’s really great, we are very ADA compliant. We have elevators for people who maybe need to get around in different ways. We really want this to be accessible to all types of people," said Heron.

When we say they include everyone, they mean everyone.

"We provide some sensory days, especially for our autism community. We want to provide space for them to be able to explore the exhibit and not be as overwhelmed. I believe all of our sites just got approved as autism centers. So, we are able to provide different days and different experiences for all of our customers," said Heron.

Meow Wolf opens in Grapevine Mills on Friday, July 14.

To learn more about the location and reserve your tickets click here.

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