US issues alert on violence targeting LGBTQI+ individuals and events

The U.S. Department of State has issued a worldwide caution for U.S. citizens, warning of potential violence targeting LGBTQI+ individuals and events, urging increased caution, avoiding unsafe locations, and registering with STEP, as the FBI and DHS also warn of potential threats during Pride Month.

Keller ISD cancels school play about gay hate crime victim Matthew Shepard

Keller ISD addressed the investigation into a film crew that was brought onto a school campus without permission by a now-former trustee. But at Thursday's meeting, much of the concern was over a new controversy brewing in the district: the cancellation of a school play about a hate crime victim's murder.

Texas Supreme Court hears arguments for ban on gender-affirming care for kids

In September, Senate Bill 14 went into effect, banning transgender minors from accessing treatments like hormone therapy and puberty blockers among other treatments. A group of parents, physicians and special-interest groups sued the state, claiming the law violates the constitutional rights of families and children based on sex.