Texas Motor Speedway to have fans in stands for Sunday's race

NASCAR is back in Texas with fans this weekend.

The racing organization recently hosted the largest sporting event in North America since the pandemic began with a race in Tennessee, allowing up to 30,000 fans inside.

Now, NASCAR has the green light to admit up to 67,000 spectators at Texas Motor Speedway for Sunday's race.

Social distancing markers are in place, every other restroom stall is marked off, and fans are given assigned seats to separate groups. 

“When you go to the reserved seat and sit there, they won't be anywhere near another group and I’ll be honest with you, seeing the video on television and what not, the place is so big, you'll think it's empty,” TMS President Eddie Gossage said. “Because there just won't be many people there Sunday. We weren't trying to set an attendance record, we just wanted to offer fans an option.”

Individual hand sanitizers will be handed out to every fan, as well as iced down towels to combat the heat.