Still no Ezekiel Elliott as Cowboys hold 1st practice of training camp

The Dallas Cowboys held their first practice of training camp on Saturday, and holdout running back Ezekiel Elliott has still not reported to Oxnard, California.

Zeke was officially listed as a "non-report" after not showing up on Friday.

He could be fined $40,000 per day of training camp he misses. If a hold out extended into the preseason, he would be fined $226,000 per preseason game missed.

Elliott has two years remaining on his current deal and is set to make $3.8 million for this season and $9 million in 2020.

Jason Witten took part in the practice, as he makes his way back to the playing field after spending a year in the telecast booth.

When Witten was asked about Zeke, he responded, "Talk to me in a month."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.