Rangers players pick unique nicknames for jerseys

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You may do a double take if you watch baseball over the weekend. MLB allowed players to choose their own nicknames for their jerseys and some of them got pretty creative with the idea.

For the Texas Rangers, Shin-Soo Choo actually isn’t wearing a nickname but his real name written in Korean. He says it’s the first time he’ll get to wear his Korean name on his jersey since he was a kid.

Ariel Juardo is going by “Bartolito,” honoring his resemblance to Bartolo Colon. His teammates have been calling him by that nickname since before Colon joined the Rangers.

Adrian Beltre will be rocking the name “El Koja.” Apparently, it’s a variation of a nickname his uncle gave him as a child after a bald television detective. Beltre has been hair-challenged for a while.

Another favorite nickname comes from Joey Gallo. Tex Mex lovers will enjoy his “Pico De Gallo” jersey.

Former Rangers pitcher Derek Holland picked “Last Name” for his jersey to make fun of the time ESPN mistakenly identified him as Derek Last Name on a graphic.