Mavs say they'll support any players who choose to protest during the national anthem

The Dallas Mavericks say they will support any player who protests during the national anthem. Those protests were a major topic of discussion at the team’s media day.

Media days are typically made for fun and optimism of an upcoming season. But this year reporters wanted to take the Mavs’ temperature on the nation’s hottest issue – social injustice and protesting the national anthem.

“It’s started a discussion in every locker room and it’s probably a good thing,” said Dirk Nowitzki.

Harrison Barnes is entering his first year with the team after spending four with the Golden State Warriors. He said he doesn’t have a personal relationship with the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, but does back his cause.

“The oppression of black people is never an easy topic to talk about. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable. And it does need to be changed,” he said.

Regardless of if the team decides to take action or not, the organization said it is 100 percent behind the players.

“Protests back by persistence and action always provides the best chance for meaningful change,” said Head Coach Rick Carlisle.

Nowitzki said the team plans to let players speak up and take a stand in the locker room before deciding what to do.

“Whatever we do, we’re going to do it in unity. But there definitely needs to be change,” Barnes added.