Jerry Jones confident in Dak Prescott's recovery

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes quarterback Dak Prescott will recover from the ankle injury that ended his season.

Prescott broke and dislocated his right ankle in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Giants.

Doctors said he’ll likely need four to six months to recover.

Prescott will receive his full franchise tag salary of more than $31 million.

On his weekly radio show, Jones talked about the injury and the possibility of signing Prescott to a long-term contract.

"This particular injury, we've known for a long time that you have a great player in this spot but to not have him during periods of time during his career.  We had it with Aikman. We had it with Romo. You don't always have them so you've got to rely on other parts of your team. That's why we do not go into a contract negotiation with the idea that it stands alone. It has to be part of the tools that you have which is your salary cap to put a team on the field and try to find the best way to win,” he said.

Former Texas Christian University quarterback Andy Dalton will start for the Cowboys.

The next game is Monday night against Arizona at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.