Friends celebrate Southlake swimmer heading to Olympic trials

A Southlake Carroll swimmer is heading for the Olympic ‘Time Trials’ this weekend, but is leaving with a heavy heart after the death of a fellow swimmer.

Elise Cerami, 13, drowned earlier this week at the North Texas Nadadores Club.

It's been a tough week for her fellow swimmers, including Jack LeVant, who's competing to swim for the Olympics next week.

To lift his spirits, the club gave Jack a special send-off.

“I had no idea. I was really surprised,” the swimmer said.

Among Jack’s many swimming achievements is a state championship.

His friends and family came with cake, balloons and reminders of the support he'll have when he competes.

As a club continues to mourn, Jack understands the meets will go on.

“It's been really hard but we've had each other's backs,” he said. “Life goes on and you have to keep moving forward.”

“We've really come together with this loss of Elise,” said Jack’s friend, Logan Davis. “And we're trying to put that energy into encouraging Jack, but also to remember her family.”

“Everyone feels like she's watching over and is there for the ride,” said Jack.

Jack is competing in the 200 meter butterfly on Tuesday. He attended other time trials when he was younger. But to compete this time and to have Elise watching over makes this trip a memorable one.