Dallas Cowboys QB Dalton says he lost his sense of smell and taste with COVID-19

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton said he is ready to play Sunday but is still living with the effects of COVID-19.

Dalton has spent the past several weeks recovering from first a concussion and then the coronavirus. Two of his family members also tested positive.

Dalton was cleared to return to the team but said he is still dealing with one symptom of the virus.

“I eventually lost smell and taste. Early on, that’s not what I had but by the end of it, I did lose my smell and taste and still trying to get that back," he said. "Yea, I mean, that’s the only thing. I’m starting to get it back. It’s like you can tell things are sweet, you can tell things are salty. You just don’t get the flavor with it. And so, I can eat really healthy now and it doesn’t matter because I can’t taste it."

The Cowboys play the Vikings in Minnesota Sunday afternoon. The game will be on FOX 4.