Cowboys' DeMarcus Lawrence defends not signing autograph for young Giants fan after dad's criticism goes viral

A Dallas Cowboys player is standing by the way he treated a 10-year-old boy who happened to be a New York Giants fan.

The boy, Kamil Bautista from McAllen, Texas, was wearing his Giants jersey Sunday when he asked for an autograph from Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. His dad recorded the incident and then posted it online, accusing Lawrence of not being humble enough to stop and sign something for the boy.

“Get the right jersey, son,” Lawrence laughed as the boy approached him to get his autograph on a towel. Lawrence didn't sign an autograph for the child or for any other person as he walked through the crowd.

Their exchange has gone viral with Lawrence defending himself.

Kamil’s father spoke to FOX 4 News by phone.

“I have people who said really good stuff like, ‘Hey, I’m a Cowboys fan but you don’t do that to kids.’ Others that said he was right, you need to buy him a Cowboys shirt,” he said. “I don’t think it gives you the right to disrespect a kid.”

On Tuesday night, Lawrence hosted 80 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County at Main Event in Frisco, north of Dallas. Before the event, he stood by what he told Kamil on Sunday.

“Like I said earlier, you know. The kid shoulda had the right jersey. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with, you know, a person telling you no. He gonna hear a lot of that in life. Y’all just get used to it. I know my kids hear it every day so,” he said. “The kid will be okay. Trust me. I know. If not, then I’ll write a public apology to him for hurting his feelings. Other than that, like, hopefully he get a Demarcus Lawrence jersey for Christmas.”

In dad’s original post, he said he thinks his son does have the right jersey.