Drivers will soon pay twice as much to use ZipCash on North Texas toll roads

Sam Rayburn Tollway (NTTA)

North Texas drivers who use toll roads without a TollTag account will soon pay twice as much as those who do.

The North Texas Tollway Authority said it will increase its average rates from 20 cents per mile to 21 cents per mile beginning on July 1.

Not much else will change for drivers who already have a TollTag account.

But those who don’t have an account will see a sharp increase when they get their next ZipCash bill in the mail.

The rate for ZipCash users is currently 50% higher than TollTag users. Beginning on July 1, it will be 100% higher.


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The penny increase for TollTag users is part of the NTTA’s previously announced plan to raise rates every other year. 

The rate hike for everyone else will help offset the rising cost to send pay-by-mail bills and the uncertainty of people paying those bills.

"The best option for every driver is to open a TollTag account to receive the lowest rate on toll roads," said NTTA Board Chairman Marcus Knight. "This increase in toll rates will help NTTA repay $9.5 billion borrowed to construct our system of safe, clean and convenient toll roads. The rate increase also helps fund our capital plan, including the current expansion of the Dallas North Tollway."

The NTTA currently offers $20 and $40 prepaid accounts. In July, it will launch a $10 prepaid account option for drivers who use the toll roads less frequently.